Florin Cofar Course

Geometry of Beauty. Using CAD/CAM to Copy Natural Morphology

Lector: Florin Cofar (Dentcof, Romania)

Date: November 18th, 2017

Venue: „Crowne Plaza“ Conference centre, Vilnius

Language: English

Organizator: UAB „ProDentum”


About lector

Dr. Florin Cofar specializes in aesthetic interdisciplinary dentistry. He has worked with such leading clinicians and lecturers as Christian Coachman, Eric van Dooren and Paulo Kano. Dr. Cofar lectures worldwide on dental aesthetics, digital dentistry and smile design. He is the author of some of the most popular videos in the dental field.

Digital dental tools dramatically expanded the possibilities of dentistry. On the other hand, the principles of digital dentistry changes extremely rapidly.

We do not create “perfect smiles” using digital technologies anymore. Perfection is in the small imperfections, inconsistencies, details – things that create true beauty and make an emotional impact. CAD/CAM technologies allow copying any form, which can be chosen from a library of smiles – i.e., recreating the work of nature.

During this course, you will learn the digital workflow start to finish: smile design and digital shortcuts; balancing symmetry, harmony and imperfection; copying nature using digital technology; replacing traditional manual work, from impressions and alveolar models to definitive restorations.

This course is designed for those who want to have an overall vision of esthetic and digital dentistry and implement it efficiently into their daily practice.



  • The digital era: putting everything into context
  • Smile design basics
  • SKYN concept – design using natural morphology
  • 3D printing – library printed designs / digital alveolar model
  • 3D staining technique for monolithic restorations
  • Digital integration of orthodontic and surgical treatment
  • Clinical workflow A to Z


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Before 10/31/2017

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Additional information:

Registration open until 9/12/2017.

Number of attendees for the second day is limited up to 15!


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