Ny generasjon av zirkonium oksid proteser

New Generation of Zirconia Prosthesis

Zirconium oxide ceramics is produced via digital CAD / CAM method when computer software designed prosthesis is milled from a block of material. ProDentum lab use CAD/CAM products of the most advanced companies that allow us to achieve high accuracy of prosthesis. Precise prostheses of zirconia collect less plaque and are very biocompatible. Few years ago only non-transparent zirconia was used. Nowadays, in order to achieve better esthetics, transparent zirconia is more frequently used, which even better imitates a natural tooth. Layering ceramics on the top of zirconia framework provide perfect esthetics. Connection of these two ceramics could be a problematic, and sometimes chipping of the layering ceramic is observed. A new method comprises of using a transparent zirconium oxide ceramics without ceramic layering or using it only on selected esthetically relevant areas of the prosthesis. This method allows reducing the risk of chipping to the minimum.


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