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About us

The name ProDentum projects our goal of giving our patients the most professional services. ProDentum clinic is in the center of Vilnius, in an easy to reach address of Šeimyniškių g. 44.

ProDentum values

We have professionalism in our name – we believe it is the shortest road to a healthy smile through:

  • Pursuit of the highest quality of patient care
  • Reliable patient and doctor relationship
  • Optimal treatment methods best suited for the patient

Why ProDentum?


Highest quality of treatment requires exceptional skills, coordinated teamwork, mindfulness and respect for the patients. Our specialist dentists have been educated in leading universities throughout the world and have attended conferences and courses (USA, Germany, Japan, Italy, etc.). The ProDentum team actively performs scientific research, organize educational events and is a leader of the field.


In ProDentum clinic we use the latest dental equipment and digital devices to produce the most precise and aesthetic restorations. Implant placement is planned using 3D image analysis, and specialized equipment (e.g., spectrophotometry) allows to achieve exceptional aesthetics of our work. Our laboratory capabilities allow us to quickly produce provisional and definitive restorations. We use 3D scanners and milling/printing devices for manufacturing of dental prostheses (CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) equipment).


The high quality of work can be achieved only when the patient is motivated and knows all treatment-related information. All patients who come to ProDentum clinic receive detailed information about the specifics of proposed procedures, possible alternatives and predicted results. Patient care does not end with completed treatment – personal care, follow-up visits, patient education, shaping of personal hygiene habits are crucial in order to achieve longevity of the results.


We choose newest and most up-to-date techniques critically, and base our choices on scientific evidence to ensure patient safety. We follow hygiene and radiation safety regulations unconditionally. Digital technologies allow us to reduce the scope of interventions and radiation exposure. Disinfection and sterilization of instruments and devices and use of disposable tools comply with the highest standards of infection control. There are recuperation and conditioning systems in place, and the office air is regularly disinfected using closed UV system to reduce biological load.


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