Vincent Fehmer Course

Conventional and Computer-Assisted Implantology and Prosthetic Technologies. CAD/CAM Materials and Full-Contour Restorations.

Lector: Vincent Fehmer (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Date: March 9-10th, 2018

Venue: „Crowne Plaza“ Conference centre, Vilnius

Language: English

Organizator: UAB „ProDentum”


About lector

Vincent Fehmer is a master dental technician (MDT) at the Clinic for Fixed Prosthodontics and Biomaterials, Center for Dental and Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland; he also runs his own laboratory in Lausanne Switzerland. Vincent Fehmer received his dental technical education and degree in Stuttgart, Germany in 2002. From 2002 to 2003 he performed fellowships in Great Britain and the US in Oral Design certified dental technical laboratories. In 2009 he received the degree as a MDT in Germany. MDT Fehmer is an active speaker on a national and international Level.

Digital technology changed both the work methods and materials in dentistry. A big change was felt in implant planning, where diagnostics, planning, as well as procedures changed. 3D imaging techniques are more commonly used, therefore knowledge of their indications, guidelines and limitations. Implant insertion is facilitated using digital surgical guides, and virtual treatment planning opens new ways of communication with the dental lab and the patient.

Digital technology also brought many changes to dental materials. Conventional porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations are being phased out by all-ceramic materials because of improved aesthetics and enamel-like translucency. Due to the high number of restorative possibilities, the choice of the ideal material is getting more and more complex.

The lecture will highlight both conventional and digital treatment planning, implementation and communication methods, and their indications and limitations will be compared. Digital possibilities will be highlighted, and points when traditional manufacturing is still beneficial will be indicated.

Hands-on course will also be beneficial to the dentists who do stain and glaze chair-side full contour restorations.



9th March (Friday). THEORY COURSE.


  • Diagnostic principles
  • Conventional implant planning and placement
  • Conventional implantology
  • Fabrication of conventional radiographic guides and surgical splints
  • Computer assisted implant planning and placement
  • Principles
  • 3D radiographic aspects and guidelines for the use of DVT/CBCT
  • Preparation and manufacturing of radiographic guide splints
  • Virtual planning and communication
  • Manufacturing of various surgical guides and systems
  • Scientific background and actual literature


  • Digital workflow
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Advantages of digital systems
  • Digital impressions
  • The role of traditional manufacturing 


  • Advantages of all-ceramic materials
  • Limitation of ceramics
  • Zirconia-based tooth and implant reconstructions
  • Computer-aided processing of zirconia
  • Restorative possibilities

10th March (Saturday). HANDS-ON COURSE.

  • Work principles for various full-contour ceramics, choice of ceramics in specific clinical situations
  • Hands-on course of staining, glazing and polishing various full-contour ceramics
  • Mostly IVOCLAR materials will be used during the courses
  • An intraoral scanner will be used during the courses. CAD design principles for full-contour ceramic restorations will be demonstrated and discussed


Course Fee (eur):


Before 02/15/2018

After 02/16/2018  







First day


450 150 550 550 200
Both days


700   800 800  

Additional information:

Registration open until 03/1/2018.

Number of attendees for the second day is limited up to 15!


E-mail: mokymai@prodentum.lt
Phone: +370 657 62986





Registration is done via bank transfer:

UAB „ProDentum“, company code 301097592, IBAN LT027044060006129104, AB SEB bankas.

Please provide in the payment purpose the following:

  • full name of the participant (if the participant is not performing the payment),
  • phone number,
  • e-mail,
  • 03/9-10/2018 course.

Example: John Smith, +1-xxx-xxxxx, john.smith@email.com, 03/9-10/2018 course.

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