Biomimetic dentistry, minimally invasive dentistry

In many cases of different prosthetic methods, the biggest drawback of such procedures – tooth grinding – is unavoidable. The amount of tooth grinding depends on the choice of prosthetic materials, their strength and mechanical properties. The more material is necessary to ensure reliability of the restoration, the more tooth tissues need to be removed. Thankfully, there are new techniques. These days, a minimally-invasive tooth restoration technique is used where only minimal amounts of tooth grinding is necessary, and sometimes grinding is unnecessary. Using this technique very thin all-ceramic restorations are manufactured and later on secured to the teeth – they are very durable, ensure excellent aesthetics and conservation of tooth structure. All-ceramic restorations may be made from different types of ceramic: glass, feldspathic ceramics, etc. The type of ceramic also determines its properties, such as translucency and resistance. The most translucent (and aesthetic) ceramic is feldspathic; glass ceramic is not as translucent, but it is more durable. We recommend digital smile design before any aesthetic restorative procedures.

We at ProDentum clinic always stride for the best results; therefore, we specialize in manufacture of all-ceramic restorations. 

To help patients picture the result and evaluate it, before aesthetic restorations, the planned restorations are shaped in wax and the shape is transferred into the mouth. To make the predicted result as precise as possible, we use digital technologies to plan the treatment virtually.

Incisal edge line, smile height, lip to tooth ratio and other facial parameters are closely linked to tooth aesthetics, therefore aesthetic restorative procedures sometimes require additional orthodontic treatment, corrective gum surgery, etc.

Tooth and smile analysis, treatment planning and other examinations are performed by our prosthodontists.

Feldspathic ceramic restoration. Optical properties close to natural teeth, maximum aesthetics.

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