Dental implants

These days dental implant treatment is a safe and effective treatment options for long-term results. Understandably, the basis is a well-planned and performed treatment. Although a natural tooth is always the preferred option, dental implants are a great solution when the tooth needs to be extracted because of poor prognosis. ProDentum clinic provides high-quality tooth prosthetics and implant dentistry solutions; we have ample experience in the field and can always offer a satisfying result. We perform international research studies, and organize continuing education events for dentists. 

If you already have dental implants, it is important to remember that dental implants are more susceptible to inflammation, compared to natural teeth. Therefore thorough implant care is just as important as precise dental work. 

The possibilities of dental implants 

A tooth with unfavourable prognosis is extracted and a dental implant is placed. Compared to traditional dental prosthetics, this method is straightforward, takes less time, and treatment result is often clear and easily predicted. Also, treatment of tooth loss does not require the grinding of adjacent teeth. Additionally, bone resorption (bone loss) is prevented.  

Implant treatment course

Dental implant treatment is a surgical procedure, therefore thorough patient examination is necessary/ Patient’s general health is evaluated, as well as the occlusion, condition of adjacent teeth, X-ray examinations help determine the quantity and quality of the bone. During this examination usually only a panoramic X-ray is performed. If insufficient bone is suspected, 3D computed tomography might be performed to help evaluate the current situation. The dentist determined the number of implants necessary, their dimensions and position according to the tests and patient’s requests. 

The implant surgery is usually performed under local anaesthesia. Precise implant positioning is vital; therefore, custom surgical guides (plastic trays to precisely mark the implant position) may be used. Usually dental implant surgery is well tolerated and does not inconvenience patients (usually painkillers are no longer necessary the day after surgery). In some cases, patients will be prescribed antibiotics. 

After 1–5 months after surgery, the prosthetic procedure is performed (if bone reconstruction was performed, a little bit more time may need to pass). Dental implants with good primary stability and other criteria may be loaded earlier (sometimes immediately after surgery). In such cases, the patient leaves the clinic with temporary implant-supported prostheses. 

ProDentum clinic uses state-of-the-art technology to predict implant position to enable precise implant placement, reduce risk of complications, provide better longevity and reduce chair time. 

One of the latest proven treatment methods is immediate loading. Latest technology is used during the procedure to ensure exceptionally precise implant position, and both temporary and definitive prosthetic components are manufactured. Therefore, immediately after implant placement temporary or definitive prosthesis can be placed to provide aesthetics and function. 





high qualification doctor

Doc.Dr. V. Rutkūnas

Preparation for implants
Treatment plan preparation   39,00
Implantation Straumann SLActive 780,00 840,00
Implantation Straumann SLA 640,00 790,00
Healing cap 90,00 90,00
Bone augmentation (depends on the amount of bone used)  79,00 – 290,00 129,00 – 390,00
Augmentation using autogenous bone block  969,00
Augmentation using a custom-made bone block  1950,00
Soft tissue augmentation  239,00
Closed sinus lift  269,00 319,00
Open sinus lift  800,00 1100,00

Provisional implant



Dental implants

Nowadays patients often do not have a lot of time, some of them come for treatment from abroad. Our experience and modern technologies allow us to provide quick and effective services.

Dental implant services are provided by our qualified prosthodontist doc. dr. Vygandas Rutkūnas.

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