Dental treatment under sedation

Some patients experience severe discomfort during dental procedures. They may have various fears of sound (made by dental instruments), touch, pricking, smells, unusual environment and other anxieties. Usually these fears are caused by previous unpleasant treatment. These fears and discomfort may often be controlled, especially when the patient is well informed about the planned procedures, their course and principles. However, in some cases, those measures are not enough, and general anesthesia is performed (usually for children). General anesthesia is also used for very long and unpleasant procedures, in case the patient’s mental health demands it, in cases of pronounced gag reflex, etc.


Methods of general anesthesia:

  • Oral sedation (orally taken medicine). Using this anesthesia the dental procedure takes approx. 40 minutes (treatment of 1-2 teeth). This anesthesia is not always effective. It is usually used for children, not so much for adults.
  • Intravenous sedation (intravenous medicine). Different levels are available: minimal, average or deep. With this kind of anesthesia, the duration of the dental procedures is not limited (under anesthesia all teeth may be treated, wisdom teeth may be removed, implants placed, etc.). This type of anesthesia is always effective and its intensity may be adjusted.

The doctor evaluates the need for general anesthesia after talking with the patient and/or their caretakers. Local anesthesia is always used together with general anesthesia. 
Intravenous sedation can only be performed after consulting an anesthetist. Patient must not eat 4-6 hours before the operation, and not drink 2 hours before.
After general anesthesia doctors monitor the patient. After the procedure, it is forbidden to drive; another adult must accompany the patient.

Our specialists can answer all your enquiries regarding general anesthesia.



Price (EUR)
Intravenous sedation, average duration 0-2.5 hrs 190,00
Intravenous sedation, long duration (more than 2.5 hrs) 270,00
Oral sedation 80,00
Anesthetist’s consultation 30,00
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