Effective tooth whitening

Tooth whitening procedures are performed to improve the appearance of the teeth. The procedure may be carried out on several teeth or all teeth. There are two types of tooth whitening: in-office or at-home. A dentist’s examination is necessary before any tooth whitening can be done: the type of whitening is chosen depending on patient’s condition and wishes. Discolored teeth with treated root canals may be whitened internally. Professional tooth cleaning is necessary before tooth whitening procedures. Tooth whitening is performed only after evaluating the harms and benefits, and all safety measures are taken to protect teeth. 

In some cases of tooth discoloration, tooth whitening is ineffective. In those cases, a procedure called microabrasion is performed. The following tooth whitening procedures are performed in ProDentum clinic: 

  • Manufacture of tooth whitening mouthguards
  • Tooth whitening using a laser
  • Internal whitening
  • Microabrasion


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