During treatment, keeping tooth vital and avoiding root canal treatment is always preferred. However, that is not always possible or previous treatment is unsuccessful, making root canal treatment necessary. In ProDentum clinic, root canal treatment is performed by highly qualified processionals using state of the art technologies (digital X-rays, microscopes and other measures), allowing us to provide the highest quality of treatment. 

After root canal treatment, it is vital to properly restore the tooth. Tooth restoration is performed using prostheses (onlays, crowns) or filling materials. Root canal treatment requires exceptional care and knowledge. If root canals are treated improperly, other procedures (prosthetics, fillings) cannot be performed properly, and the result if often short-lived. 


Nowadays patients often do not have a lot of time, some of them come for treatment from abroad. Our experience and modern technologies allow us to provide quick and effective services.

Ondodontic services are provided by our qualified endodontist  Laura Kačinskienė.

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