If a tooth is severely damaged and there are no reasonable ways to restore it, such tooth must be extracted. A minimally injuring (atraumatic) tooth extraction allows for a smoother implant placement in the future. If the procedure is planned before tooth extraction, dental implant may be inserted immediately after tooth extraction. If the situation is unfavorable, implant placement is delayed and alveolar bone augmentation is performed after tooth extraction – synthetic bone, collagen or other materials are placed in the tooth socket.

Tooth extraction is also performed for improperly erupted wisdom teeth. These improperly erupted teeth may cause serious problems: they gather plaque and cause gum inflammation, pain, sometimes even affecting the neighboring teeth. The extraction procedure may be anything from simple to difficult. In difficult cases the root sectioning, bone contouring and other procedures are necessary. General anesthesia is possible for such complex procedures.


Aside from tooth extraction, other oral surgery procedures are performed in the ProDentum clinic:

  1. Tooth, tooth root and tooth germ surgical extraction
  2. Canine tooth uncovering (for planned orthodontic treatment)
  3. Osteotomy (to facilitate orthodontic treatment)
  4. Orthodontic implant placement
  5. Autotransplantation
  6. Apicectomy
  7. TMJ repositioning
  8. Removal of lipomas, ateromas of the face (up to 3 cm in diameter), histological or cytological testing
  9. Lip or tongue frenulum correction
  10. Complex bone augmentation procedures (bone blocks, etc.)
  11. Removal of bone spurs (exostoses), vestibuloplasty
  12. Cyst removal in the jaw area; marsupialization; decompression
  13. Removal of odontomas, osteomas
  14. Botulinum toxin / hyaluronic acid injections

In difficult cases tooth extractions may bee performed under general anesthesia. Histological or cytological testing may be prescribed. If necessary, sick-leaves are issued.

All surgical questions and treatment is performed by the clinic’s specialists


Illustration of improperly erupted wisdom tooth (due to excess of gums above the tooth, inflammation occurs, it is difficult to clean, therefore such teeth are often extracted)

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