Fixed prosthetics

Some tooth defects cannot be restored using fillings, because of either the size or other factors. In such cases, inlays, onlays and crows may be used to restore teeth. Most often, porcelain-fused-to-metal or all-ceramic crowns are used. In order to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing result and reduce plaque accumulation, zirconia-based fixed prostheses are usually chosen.

Tooth arch defects of single or multiple teeth may be treated using partial fixed prostheses (bridges). However, this treatment method has a serious drawback – it requires the grinding of adjacent teeth and causes additional stress for the teeth, oral hygiene is more difficult, and the prognosis of bridge-retaining teeth worsens. For reasons above, dental implants are recommended, especially when healthy teeth would need to be grinded for a bridge prosthesis.

In ProDentum clinic, dental prostheses are manufactured at our in-house digital laboratory to ensure quick manufacturing and efficient quality control. Clinic’s specialists work with high-quality dental labs in Lithuania and abroad. Fixed dental prostheses usually take 2-5 visits to complete. Advanced digital technologies allow restoring severe tooth arch defects in a very short time.

IMPORTANT! Only teeth with a good prognosis may be restored.

Before starting work on definitive restorations, the dentist makes sure that teeth to be treated are well prepared, and discusses the situation with the patient.
In ProDentum clinic we provide all tooth prosthetics services and can manufacture any type or construction of fixed tooth prostheses. Tooth prosthetics services are provided by clinic’s prosthodontists who also help patients choose the most appropriate treatment option, taking into account various factors, such as patient’s health, time and financial abilities.

Removable prosthetics

In cases of exceptionally large tooth arch defects, with three or more teeth lost, treatment with bridges is difficult, and sometimes impossible. In some cases, implant-treatment of tooth arch defects is also not possible. In those cases, to restore teeth and chewing function, treatment using removable prostheses is planned. There are several types of removable prostheses:

  • Partial removable prostheses (when some teeth remain)
  • Complete removable prostheses (when no teeth remain)
  • Overdentures (when the base of the prosthesis is supported by an implant or root of a tooth)

Removable dentures can be attached to adjacent natural teeth using hooks or less-visible attachments. Patient should be informed that there are many types of removable dentures, and that they are less effective at restoring the chewing function. Removable dentures need care that is more thorough. Usually this treatment method is chosen because of lower cost, in cases of unclear tooth prognosis or as a temporary prosthesis.


Services Price (EUR)
Provisional crown 49,00
Milled provisional crown 59,00
Implant-supported provisional crown 139,00
Zirconia crown 485,00
Zirconia crown covered with porcelain 545,00
Glass-ceramic restoration 419,00
Glass-ceramic restoration covered with porcelain 449,00
Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown 319,00
Metal alloy restoration (excl. cost of precious metal) 269,00
Implant-supported fixed prostheses  
Implant-supported zirconia crown 669,00
Implant-supported zirconia crown covered with porcelain 719,00
Implant-supported glass-ceramic crown 559,00
Implant-supported glass-ceramic crown covered with porcelain 599,00
Implant-supported porcelain-fused-to-metal crown 519,00
Custom zirconia/titanium abutment 319,00
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