Treatment of tooth wear

Non-carious lesions, also called tooth wear, is another factor that influences the need for dental work. There are several types of such lesions:

  • Attrition (tooth wear due to friction to opposing teeth)
  • Abrasion (tooth wear caused by chewing a foreign body)
  • Erosion (tooth lesions due to acids)
  • Abfraction (tooth lesions in the cervical area due to lateral forces)

Sadly, these lesions are becoming more common due to high levels of stress and large amounts of acidic foods in our diets. Tooth erosion may be caused by gastroesophagic reflux or frequent vomiting (e.g., in cases of bulimia). Tooth wear may cause tooth sensitivity and poses a risk of tooth, filling and prosthetic fractures. In these cases it is crucial to inform the patient about their condition and necessary preventive measures. If tooth wear exposes tooth dentin, tooth restoration using resin composites is usually advised. This method helps stop tooth wear and restores aesthetics.

It is very important to treat worn canines, as this will avoid damage and wear of other teeth. 
If the patient is believed to be grinding teeth (parafunction) or clenching them (bruxism), a special night mouthguard is manufactured after tooth restoration.

In rare cases of severely worn teeth, only prosthetic restoration is possible. In any case, after tooth restoration and restoration of lost vertical dimension, both the smile and the whole face look more attractive.

Cases of tooth wear and restorations are managed by prosthodontists.

Restoration of worn and carious teeth (lower incisors) using filling materials

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