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Cosmetic fillings and prosthetics

The patient wanted a more attractive smile. Tooth form adjusted using aesthetic fillings. Two teeth were restored using feldspathic veneers.
For more information about aesthetic dentistry, see here.

Correction of crowded teeth

The patient complained about crowded upper and lower teeth. Teeth were straightened using a brace system.
For more information about orthodontic treatment, see here.

Cosmetic fillings

The patient arrived with fractured front teeth (dental trauma). After determining tooth prognosis, aesthetic front tooth filling was performed.
For more information about aesthetic dentistry, see here.

Correction of anterior cross-bite

The patient presented with improper bite. The bite was corrected using a upper jaw removable appliance and a face mask. Further treatment will be performed when all permanent teeth erupt.
For more information about orthodontic treatment, see here.

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