Privacy policy

Privacy policy


1.1. This cookie policy (hereafter – Policy) defines the rules of cookie management in the website controlled by UAB “PRODENTUM” (hereafter – Processor) (hereafter – Website).

1.2. The Policy is based on April 27, 2016 Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), and Electronic communication law of the Republic of Lithuania (“Lietuvos Respublikos elektroninių ryšių įstatymas” in Lithuanian).


2.1. Cookies are small text files, which are saved in the user’s device (e.g., computer, mobile device, tablet) by the website when using a browser (e.g., „Internet Explorer“, „Firefox“, etc.).

2.2. Depending on cookie expiration, cookies may be long-term of short-term (session). Long-term cookies are stored on the user’s device until their expiration or until the user decides to delete them. Session cookies are deleted once the user closes the browser window (ends browsing session).


3.1. Necessary (technical) cookies are used to ensure proper services of the Website and to ensure the user can browse and use Website features, i.e., to ensure the functionality of the Website.

3.2. Analytical cookies are used to gather statistical information about Website usage, to improve the Website and improve information presentation method and content for the user.

3.3. Advertising cookies are used to gather information about how users use the Website, to ensure the most relevant offers (advertisements) for the user.

3.4. Functional cookies are used to save user preferences and settings (e.g., language or time-zone settings). Using these cookies users can avoid saving their preferences every time they visit the Website.

3.5. The list of user-offered cookies used in the Website is presented on page 6 of this Policy.


4.1. Websites use cookies to improve Website functionality, ensure effective and smooth operation, for browsing statistics and analysis. Cookies are used to identify a user as a previous user of a certain Website, to save user’s browsing history of the Website and adapt content for the user, to gather statistical information about Website traffic, et.c When a user visits the Website for the first time, cookies are transferred to the user’s device and are later used to identify the user. It is a standard browsing practice that simplifies browsing for the user and streamlines access to presented information.

4.2. Cookies do not contain information to directly identify the user’s identity; however, information stored in cookies can be associated with user’s device, browsing history and other information gathered by the use of cookies.


5.1. Necessary (technical) cookies are used automatically and do not require the user’s consent. The user is informed about the use of necessary cookies.

5.2. If the applicable laws do not allow otherwise, all other cookies (analytical, advertising, if used) in the Website are activated only after the user consents to their use, i.e., only when the user acknowledges their choice in the pop-up window of the Website informing about the use of cookies.

5.3. We ask a separate agreement to the use of each type of cookies, which is given by user’s actions by checking the check-boxes next to the cookies and clicking “Confirm selected cookies”. Clicking “Confirm all cookies” is considered consent to store and use all listed cookies.

5.4. If the user does not select statistical, advertising cookie storage and processing, but clicks “Confirm selected cookies”, no cookies, except necessary (technical) cookies will be used to ensure Website functionality.

5.5. The user can revoke their consent at any time by changing their browser settings and deleting stored cookies.

5.6. If the user does not make a selection regarding the use of cookies, the cookies will not be stored (except necessary cookies), but the message regarding the use of cookies will pop up every time the user visits the Website.


Cookie name  Description/

Purpose of Use

Time of creation Expiration time
Data use
exp_cookie_consent Stores the state of consent of current domai after visiting the Website 1 year Cookie selection
analytics (_ga, _gid, _gat) Google analytics – to track user behavior in the Website after visiting the Website ga – 2 years

gid – 24 hrs. after end of session

gat – 2 year

Information used about user behavior in the Website
_fbp Facebook – to track user behavior in the Website after visiting the Website  3 months Information used about user behavior in the Website


7.1. Most of the cookies are short-term (session) and they are removed after the user ends the session (i.e., closes the browser). Other cookies (such as statistical, advertising) are long-term and are stored in the device for a specified time. The list of cookie storage times is presented on page 6 of this Policy.

7.2. Short-term (session) cookies are saved from the moment the user opens their browser to the moment they close the browser. When the browser is closed, these cookies are deleted automatically.

7.3. Long-term cookies are stored on the computer until they are deleted or they expire.


8.1. All web browsers (such as “Internet Explorer”, “Microsoft Edge”, etc.) have the possibility to manage and delete cookies. Detailed instructions depend on the user’s browser of choice.

8.2. If several browsers are used, user settings need to be set up in all browsers.

8.3. Information on changing browser settings or deleting cookies can be found at

8.4. If the user would like “Google Analytics” not to collect their browsing data on any websites, information on settings can be found at


9.1. More information regarding the use of cookies can be provided by contacting the processor at UAB “PRODENTUM”, company code 301097592, email