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Our specialists

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Dental technicians

Dental technicians may be called dental architects. Digital smile design, attractive and functionally correct restorations, dental implant planning, surgical guide manufacturing, 3D printing and CAD/CAM manufacturing, and many more processes for success - all that and more is possible working with our outstanding DIGITORUM LAB dental technician team!


Over ten thousand visits are done in ProDentum clinic in a year! Each patient is special and important for us. They are responsible for many things - patient visit coordination, providing relevant information, solving emergencies, coordinating orders, encouraging patients and offering some tea or coffee.

Lina Dirmienė

Assistant director

Dovilė Kubaitytė


Sandra Verseckienė



I’m happy that the ProDentum clinic, working alongside the DIGITORUM lab and study center and partners in Lithuania and abroad has become world leaders in digital implantology and dentistry. It creates not only scientific, but huge clinical value for our patients. Creation and development of innovative and reliable treatment techniques is our DNA.

Prof. med. Dr. Vygandas Rutkūnas