Services Price (EUR)
Consultation (examination, treatment planning) 16,00
Specialist’s consultation 32,00
Detailed written treatment plan 49,00
Consultation for special programs, research free
Dental X-ray 6,00
Panoramic X-ray 25,00
Professional hygiene, tooth whitening
Services Price (EUR)
Personal oral hygiene training 9,00
Professional oral hygiene 59,00
Professional oral hygiene (by a specialist periodontist) 69,00
Whitening using laser (both tooth arches) 230,00
Whitening mouth guard (both tooth arches + whitening material) 169,00
Whitening mouth guard (one tooth arch + whitening material) 99,00
Whitening material (1 syringe) 25,00
Application of fluoride varnish or desensitization of exposed root 19,00
Dental sealant of permanent tooth 10,00
Tooth fillings
Services Price (EUR)
Front tooth fillings  
Small filling 40,00
Medium-size filling 60,00
Large filling 75,00
Back tooth fillings  
Small filling 50,00
Medium-size filling 70,00
Large filling 85,00
 Cosmetic tooth fillings   
Small filling 70,00
Medium-size filling 100,00
Large filling 125,00
Repolishing (incl. after cosmetic fillings) 30,00
Internal tooth whitening  
Internal tooth whitening (first visit) 40,00
Reapplication of internal whitening material (subsequent visit) 15,00
Temporary filling  
Glass-ionomer filling 15,00
Zinc oxide-eugenol filling 10,00
Glass fiber post 50,00
Glass fiber/wire and composite splint 50,00
Endodontic treatment (root canal treatment)
Services Price (EUR)
Primary endodontic treatment
Complete treatment of a single-canal tooth 75,00
Root canal cleaning and shaping, and placement of calcium hydroxide 45,00
Root canal filling 30,00
Complete treatment of a multi-rooted tooth (price of 1 canal) 60,00
Root canal cleaning and shaping, and placement of calcium hydroxide (1 canal) 30,00
Root canal filling (1 canal) 30,00
Endodontic retreatment
Complete treatment of a single-canal tooth 90,00
Root canal cleaning and shaping, and placement of calcium hydroxide 45,00
Root canal filling 45,00
Complete treatment of a multi-rooted tooth (price of 1 canal) 75,00
Root canal cleaning and shaping, and placement of calcium hydroxide (1 canal) 45,00
Root canal filling (1 canal) 30,00
Application of eugenol dressing 32,00
Screw post removal 32,00
Glass fiber post removal 32,00
Metal post removal 50,00
Removal of fractured instrument 60,00
Internal whitening (1 session) 40,00
Reapplication of internal whitening material (subsequent visit) 15,00
Oral surgery, tooth extraction
Services Price (EUR)
Incision, drainage 48,00
Implant removal 223,00
Non-complicated extraction of permanent tooth 32,00
Extraction of permanent tooth 48,00
Complicated extraction of permanent tooth 64,00
Surgical extraction of permanent tooth (complicated) 112,00
Extraction of periodontally compromised tooth 19,00
Cyst removal 149,00
Orthodontic implant placement 119,00
Pre-prosthetic procedures
Services Price (EUR)
Crown removal (punched) 16,00
Crown removal (cast), bridge separation 36,00
Impressions, bite registration, casts
Alginate impression 19,00
Silicone impression 39,00
Polyether impression 69,00
Digital impression 59,00
Custom impression tray 49,00
Implant impression (1 implant transfer and analog) 49,00
Diagnostic cast (single jaw) 19,00
Diagnostic registration on function and aesthetics
Wax-up (1 tooth) 19,00
Face-bow registration 48,00
Digital smile design 2D 99,00
Digital smile design 2D+3D 139,00
Provisional crowns
Provisional crown 49,00
Milled provisional crown 59,00
Implant-supported provisional crown 139,00
Gum shaping around an implant using provisional crown 29,00
Tooth restoration after root canal treatment
Composite restoration after root canal treatment 69,00
Restoration after root canal treatment using glass fiber post 119,00
Restoration after root canal treatment using cast metal post 119,00
Tooth- and implant-supported fixed prostheses
Services Price (EUR)
Tooth-supported fixed prostheses
Zirconia crown 485,00
Zirconia crown covered with porcelain 545,00
Glass-ceramic restoration 419,00
Glass-ceramic restoration covered with porcelain 449,00
Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown 319,00
Metal alloy restoration (excl. cost of precious metal) 269,00
Implant-supported fixed prostheses
Implant-supported zirconia crown 669,00
Implant-supported zirconia crown covered with porcelain 719,00
Implant-supported glass-ceramic crown 559,00
Implant-supported glass-ceramic crown covered with porcelain 599,00
Implant-supported porcelain-fused-to-metal crown 519,00
Custom zirconia/titanium abutment 319,00
Implant-supported fixed prostheses in edentulous jaw
Acrylic fixed prosthesis (4 implants) 2850,00
Porcelain-fused-to-cast-metal fixed prosthesis (4 implants) 4250,00
Porcelain-fused-to-milled-metal fixed prosthesis (4 implants) 4900,00
Zirconia fixed prosthesis (4 implants) 5900,00
PEEK/PEKK prosthesis (4 implants) covered with composite/acrylic 3900,00
PEEK/PEKK prosthesis (4 implants) covered with ceramic crowns 4900,00
Prosthetics of an additional implant 890,00
Metal alloy or zirconia beam for fixed prosthesis 1900,00
Separate ceramic crown on a construction 329,00
Removable prostheses, mouth guards
Services Price (EUR)
Conventional removable prostheses
Partial removable prosthesis 290,00
Full removable prosthesis 350,00
Provisional cosmetic removable prosthesis (up to 3 teeth) 139,00
Provisional cosmetic removable prosthesis (3+ teeth) 220,00
Thermoplastic removable denture (single jaw) 890,00
Cast-frame overdenture (no attachments) 1240,00
Implant-supported removable prostheses
Implant-supported overdenture (no attachments) 750,00
Cast-frame implant-supported overdenture (no attachments) 1340,00
PEEK/PEKK implant-supported overdenture (no attachments) 1300,00
Implant abutment with attachment 290,00
Mouth guards
Bruxism mouth guard 190,00
Occlusal stabilization splint 225,00
Protective mouth guard for sports 239,00
Retentive, diagnostic mouth guard 79,00
Implant dentistry, bone augmentation

high qualification doctor

Assoc.Prof. V. Rutkūnas

Preparation for implants
Treatment plan preparation   39,00
Implantation Straumann SLActive 780,00 840,00
Implantation Straumann SLA 640,00 790,00
Healing cap 90,00 90,00
Bone augmentation (depends on the amount of bone used)  79,00 – 290,00 129,00 – 390,00
Augmentation using autogenous bone block  969,00
Augmentation using a custom-made bone block  1950,00
Soft tissue augmentation  239,00
Closed sinus lift  269,00 319,00
Open sinus lift  800,00 1100,00
Provisional implant  390,00
Periodontal treatment
Services Price (EUR)
Gingivectomy (1 tooth) 70,00
Gingivectomy (3 or more teeth), per tooth 50,00
Curettage (1 tooth) 25,00
Curettage (3 or more teeth), per tooth 16,00
Clinical crown lengthening 95,00
Periodontal flap surgery, 1 quadrant 380,00
Frenuloplasty 80,00
Lip frenuloplasty 70,00
Vestibuloplasty (excl. materials) 300,00
Apicectomy (1 tooth) 250,00
Root resection (1 tooth) 80,00
Flap surgery (1 tooth) 90,00
Bone growth removal 100,00
Surgical alveolitis treatment (1) 50,00
Surgical gum recession treatment (1 tooth) 150,00
Laser therapy 20,00
Periimplantitis (1 implant) 100,00
Gum growth removal (up to 1 cm) 60,00
Gum growth removal (more than 1 cm) 100,00
Orthodontic treatment


Price (EUR)
Impressions and diagnostic casts (both jaws) 25,00
Metal braces (single arch) 450,00
Self-ligating metal braces EMPOWER (one arch) 650,00
Ceramic braces CLARITY (one arch) 650,00
Transparent sapphire braces INSPIRE ICE (one arch) 750,00
Self-ligating ceramic braces EMPOWER CLEAR (one arch) 750,00
Follow-up visit during treatment using braces (one arch) 35,00
Follow-up visit during treatment using braces (one arch) 40,00
Replacement of lost brace (depending on system) 30,00
Replacement of lost brace (depending on system) 40,00
Replacement of lost brace (depending on system) 50,00
Replacement of lost brace (depending on system) 60,00
Brace removal (removal of braces on both arches, tooth cleaning, polishing, fixed retainers, removable retainers) 330,00
Removable orthodontic appliance 160,00
Removable orthodontic appliance 170,00
Functional appliance 200,00
Functional appliance 220,00
Orthodontic trainer 120,00
Space maintainer 85,00
Rapid expansion appliance 180,00
Fixed functional appliance 300,00
Follow-up visit during treatment using removable or functional appliances 15,00
Pediatric dentistry
Services Price (EUR)
Examination, medical record for educational institution 10,00
Plaque removal, oral hygiene instructions 20,00
Fluoridation (1 tooth) 3,00
Sealant 10,00
Primary tooth filling 30,00
Primary tooth pulpotomy 50,00
Primary tooth extraction 15,00
Dental treatment under sedation
Services Price (EUR)
Intravenous sedation, average duration 0-2.5 hrs 190,00
Intravenous sedation, long duration (more than 2.5 hrs) 270,00
Oral sedation 80,00
Anesthetist’s consultation 30,00

Additional fees may be charged for urgent work.

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