Precision dentistry

Precision dentistry


One of the developing areas of modern medicine is precision or personalized medicine. In dentistry, and especially implant dentistry and prosthodontics, accuracy is paramount. Some patients are able to feel a few micron difference in their teeth, therefore the bite needs to be adjusted with a tolerance of only a few microns. Error of 50 to 200 micron in implant-supported restorations may cause mechanical stress in the implant and prosthetic system and cause technical (screw loosening or fracture, implant fracture) or biological (inflammation of gums and bone surrounding the implant). A small implant position error will cause the need for more bone augmentation, more complex and expensive prosthetic procedures and difficult to maintain prosthetic contour. These small issues have a large influence on the longevity and reliability of dental implants and implant-supported restorations. ProDentum clinic’s researchers and clinicians, together with scientific centers in Lithuania and abroad (Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium and elsewhere) specialize in the implementation of digital technology in implant placement and prosthodontics, error control and development of clinical solutions. This allows us to use digital technology on a whole new level. To find out more about our studies to improve the accuracy of implant placement and prosthodontics, visit


TFW ( Total Fit Workflows) protocol includes digital and analog technology used for everything from diagnostic imaging, implant planning to final restoration using special devices for measuring accuracy. TFW protocol includes:

  • Accurate 3D radiological and optical (intraoral and facial scanning) imaging using complementary elements and software
  • Modern static and dynamic implant navigation
  • Manufacture of innovative prosthetic elements according to treatment plan using CAM and 3D printing
  • Improvement of stability and reduction of necessary bone augmentation
  • Shorter surgical procedures, easier and faster healing and greater patient comfort
  • Innovative and precise registration of implant position and bite
  • Usage of prosthetic components, which ensure better precision of restoration
  • More accurate and hygienic restorations made from biocompatible materials
  • Special technology measure and improve the accuracy of restorations


In complex clinical situations when 3 or more implants are needed, high quality 3D imaging and image alignment is vital. Using this method, a digital patient model is produced to simulate treatment. TFW protocol ensures impeccable image alignment and diagnostic accuracy. Based on this protocol, latest-generation surgical guides and intermediate prosthetic elements are manufactured to simplify clinical procedures and avoid complications. This allows for less patient discomfort, less need of bone augmentation and shorter healing times. Manufacture of final restorations using TFW protocol is more accurate compared to conventional digital technology. One of the greatest advantages of TFW protocol is its application for treatment of edentulous jaws using the All-on-X treatment concept.

Accurate implant placement and restoration using TFW protocol allows to manufacture comfortable, easy to maintain and long-lasting restorations, ensures good long-term implant survival even in the most challenging cases.

To find out more about how accurate dental solutions may be used in your case, book an appointment with ProDentum clinic’s specialists.

TFW protocol necessitates the use of ancillary instruments, materials, software, image processing and treatment algorithms. This ensures the longevity of tooth implants and implant-supported restorations, allows for a more effective restoration of chewing function, aesthetics and patient comfort.

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