Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry

A child’s first encounter with a dentist should be after the first primary tooth has erupted, when it is generally recommended to bring a child for a check-up.

A child’s first encounter with a dentist should be after the first primary tooth has erupted, when it is generally recommended to bring a child for a check-up. During the visit the parents are informed about children’s oral care, the importance of healthy diet, advised on toothpastes and toothbrushes, caries risk is evaluated and parents are advised on the frequency of check-ups at the dentist’s.

There’s a widespread myth that primary teeth aren’t treated, since they’ll fall out anyway, and they don’t have any roots and can’t cause pain. Part of it is true, they will fall out, but babies get their first teeth at around 6 months, and the last primary teeth fall out at around 12 years. Primary teeth are important for chewing, esthetics, jaw development and formation of correct bite (they hold the space for permanent teeth). Untreated primary teeth may cause pain, infection and even damage the permanent teeth that are in the jaw under the primary teeth.

Usually children are treated under local anesthesia; however, some children do not tolerate the treatment or are very anxious. In these cases, general anesthesia is performed and all necessary treatment is done in a single visit. It is a safe and modern treatment technique that does not cause stress for the child and allows the clinician to perform good treatment for the patient. 4 months after the treatment, patients are recommended to come in to the clinic for a check-up; this way the child will get used to the environment and will be more cooperative in the future.

What procedures does a pediatric dentist do? The main procedures are:
  • Initial visit, getting accustomed to the treatment environment. The child gets to know the dental unit, pushes some buttons, sees how various equipment works, and plaque is cleaned using a brush;
  • Professional tooth cleaning, oral hygiene instructions. These procedures are usually performed by the oral hygienist; however, children get attached to their doctor, and going to another specialist causes unnecessary stress. In this case the professional tooth cleaning is done by the pediatric dentist.;
  • Treatment of decayed primary teeth. Primary tooth anatomy differs from that of permanent teeth, so they decay more quickly and the cavities reach the tooth pulp more quickly. The goal of pediatric dentistry is to notice the lesions as soon as possible and stop the disease progress using conservative (prophylactic) or operative (filling) measures. To make the time at the clinic less stressful, children can choose a movie they would like to watch, as well as the color of the filling (is the parents agree to treatment using colored fillings). At the end of the visit every cooperative child gets a small gift.;
  • Primary tooth extraction. If indicated due to orthodontic or therapeutic reasons, both healthy and damaged primary teeth may be extracted. It is a short procedure (usually the extraction itself takes no more than 3 minutes) under local anesthesia; however, children often find it frightening. In this case, a type of general anesthesia is used to put the child to sleep and extract the tooth without them noticing;
  • Standard metal crowns. When more than 2/3 of the tooth is damaged due to decay, metal crowns are used to restore such teeth. The crown covers the tooth and restores anatomy and function.;
Pediatric dentistry price list

The cost is determined during consultation and may be adjusted during treatment.

Pediatric dentistry

of service



Prof. med.dr. V. Rutkūnas

Child's psychological preparation for treatment (20 min)


Treatment not performed due to lack of cooperation


Personal oral hygiene training using plaque dye


Regular check-up


Plaque removal, oral hygiene instructions


Fluoridation (1 tooth)




Primary tooth filling


Primary tooth pulpotomy


Permanent tooth pulpotomy using MTA/Biodentine

50,00 – 80,00€

Primary tooth extraction


Mobile primary tooth extraction


Primary tooth root canal treatment


Primary tooth crown


Restoring a deciduous tooth with a zirconia crown