Sports mouth guards

Sports mouth guards

Sports and injuries go hand to hand. Injuries of the face and teeth are some of the most traumatizing.

Sports and injuries go hand to hand. Injuries of the face and teeth are some of the most traumatizing. This created many aesthetic problems, and in case of tooth trauma, treatment often takes a long time and is financially burdensome.

The best way to protect teeth during sports activities are sports mouth guards. They are especially important for contact sports, such as basketball, hockey and football. However, that does not mean that other types of activities do not benefit from wearing mouth guards. Mouth guards are beneficial during any type of activity where people and/or equipment moves in high speed in a closed space. There are many types of sports mouth guards in the market. Sports mouth guards absorb the impact and protects against tooth fractures or avulsions, also traumatic brain injury (if the area of the impact is in the jaw). Even though standard mouth guards are inexpensive, they do not provide the same level of protection and comfort as custom sports mouth guards. Here at ProDentum clinic, custom sports mouth guards are made according to the type of activity and patient’s requirements.

Soft protective mouth guard for sports. Depending on the sports activity, thickness may differ

How do I order a custom sports mouth guard?

You need to book a visit at our clinic. During the visit, an impression of the teeth is taken.

How long does it take to make a sports mouth guard?

1 week from the day of the visit.

Can I choose the color of the mouth guard?

Yes, you can choose from a variety of colors.

How long does a sports mouth guard last?

Depends on usage intensity. Usually for adults a mouth guard lasts for 1 year. The lifetime of a mouth guard for children may be shorter, because when the jaw grows, the tooth position in the jaw changes.

Where are the mouth guards made?

At our in-house laboratory.

We use state of the art technology and methods, and guarantee the highest quality.

Why should I choose a custom sports mouth guard instead of a standard one?

A custom sports mouth guard will be comfortable, because it will fit your teeth and your mouth perfectly.

Only a custom sports mouth guard can provide the best impact protection.

A well-maintained custom sports mouth guard has a longer lifetime.

How much does a custom sports mouth guard cost?

300 eur.