Aušra Kleizienė

Dental technician

Education and experience 

Dental technician studies, Vilnius school of medicine (now – Vilniaus kolegija) 

19 years of work experience: CAD/CAM prosthetics, hybrid implant-supported prosthetics, full ceramic restorations, pressed ceramic, porcelain-fused-to-metal, mouth guards, removable prosthetics. 


1995-2011: dental technician, UAB Denticija 

2011-2012: vice president, UAB Dantų technikos laboratorija Denticija 

2012-2014: president, UAB Dantų technikos laboratorija Denticija 

2014–: dental technician, UAB Prodentum 

Continuing education

2012: international conference “Quintessence Baltic Bruxismus”. Kaunas

2012: practical course “Advanced VITA VM 13 ceramics:. MDT Aniela Beerberg

2012: practical course “Thermoforming” (various mouth guards: sports, whitening, sleep apnea, bruxism, using Erkoden materials and equipment), Pfalzgrafenweiler, Germany. Course by Werner Slaping

2012: international conference “Interdisciplinary aspect of craniomandibular disorders”. Kaunas

2013: OOSK conference “Digital dentistry today”

2013: practical course “Manufacturing of removable prosthetics using VITA MFT teeth”; DT Pawel Dubel

2013: international seminar “Ceramist No Limits”, Lodz, Poland

2013: practical course “The additive feldspathic chip”, Lodz, Poland; DT Joshua Polansky (USA)

2013: practical course “Morphology. Independent learning of a dental technician” DT Alek Aronin (Canada)

2014: OOSK conference “Prosthodontics: modern and classical technologies”

2014: OOSK conference “What every dentist should know about temporomandibular disorders. Facts and fantasies”

Contact us

Šeimyniškių str. 44, Vilnius

+370 657 77747



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